The original Polish technology of NATURLEN dressings is what results from combining traditional uses of Polish flax with the experience of our team. The company was founded after many years of research and development as a technological start-up supported by EU funds. We are registered in the heart of the Masuria region, an ecological oasis in north-eastern Poland, where production, product development, and research are all conducted.

At the heart of the production process of NATURLEN dressings lies the pure, natural fiber of flax in the form of yarn with a basic double-jersey weave. The knitted-fabric resulting from this approach is both soft and flexible. It is from this process that the material for bandages and compresses arises. The simple production process and steam-sterilization preserves the natural qualities of the flax fiber. We do not use any GMO yarn in production. The driving idea behind NATURLEN medical dressings is to offer a modern yet simple and natural Polish product that serves as an alternative to the standard cotton and viscose dressings of other producers.

NATURLEN dressings are available in bleached, natural, and flesh-colored versions without any additional colorants.

NATURLEN dressings are steam-sterilized. For sale we also offer a product for sterilization. Our products are tested in health-care institutions, nursing homes, and on the retail markets of Poland, Great Britain, and Scandinavia.

NATURLEN is constantly expanding its line of products. No matter what the product, our hallmark will always be nature, purity, innovation, and the best traditions of Polish flax.